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  • Lucía H.U. Mendoza   Director
  • Laura Carro Abarrategui   Director assistant

Lucía Mendoza is a contemporary art gallery located in the middle of the city of Madrid.
The gallery stands for the work of a group of spanish and international artists and international artists whose practices and aesthetic contribute to explore contemporary socio-cultural themes.

We intend to support the future of some of our artists such as Stefano Bonacci, Oliver Czarnetta, Mercedes Lara or Toshiro Yamaguchi as well as the legacy of historical figures such as Francisco Farreras or the evolving practice of established artists and the wide-ranging potential of emerging and new talents such as Ignacio Canales.

Lucía Mendoza develops a programme of off-site exhibitions extending the curatorial task beyond the gallery spaces, working with institutions and artists to present new initiatives. Lucía Mendoza curated exhibitions contribute to raise the interest and divulgue the knowledge about contemporary art in its broadest concept. We propose either solo or groupal exhibitions, presented as retrospectives or focused on a particular aspect of an art movement or artist’s practice.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Fernando Cuétara  (+)

    Exhibition : 2016
    Harmony, Centro Cultural Español Miami, USA

    Materna y Herencia Gallery, Madrid, Spain

    Auria, Materna y Herencia Gallery, Madrid, Spain

    Recent Works, Adolfo Suárez International Airport, Madrid, Spain

    Glow, Ricart Gallery, Miami, USA
    There is always a way, Alcobendas Art Center, Madrid, Spain

    Back to basics, Biondetta Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
    Organic, Ricart Gallery, Miami, USA

    Obras Recientes, Jorge Ontiveros Gallery, Madrid, Spain
    Castilla La Mancha Museum of Contemporary Art, Spain
    Fair Dearte, Palacio de Congresos, Madrid, Spain

    Abundance, Biondetta Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

    Detailed Description : Cuétara uses the bare canvas, through their manipulation and observation of their specific qualities, not to cover it with pigment or images, but to express itself. The fabric, the folding and light are the keys to its language. To Cuétara the crease, it is in itself a key element in the construction and composition of his paintings. It is more-much more than just a formal appearl, represents above all a space of possibilities:that of accommodating both the matter and soul, and above all the shapping, through the folds and wrinkles of the fabrics, the permanence of the artist in his own work. The gap, the cavity which is raises, becomes the place where the desire to endure in the memory of time is completed. The eternal desire of the creator.

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  • Oliver Czarnetta  (+)

    Biography : Düren, 1966. He had a degree as a sculptor in stone and since then he has worked as a freelance. He combined his activity with studies of History and Philosophy, disciplines in which he received his doctorate in 2004. He had the opportunity to work at the Institute of Statics and Art History at the University of Koblenz (Germany).

    Exhibition : EXHIBITIONS
    Identidad, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid, Spain
    Sieh mich an!, Hanten-Schmidt Colelction, Kupferstichkabinett, Dresden, Germany
    Lethe, Galerie The Grass Is Greener, Leipzig, Germany
    Context New York, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, New York, USA
    Art Marbella, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Marbella, Spain
    Estampa Contemporary Art Fair, Lucía Mendoza Gallery Madrid, Spain
    Context Art Miami, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Miami, USA

    Sicher[e]e Welt, Artspace Rompone, Cologne, Germany
    Gesichter der Stadt, Kunstverein Hockenheim, Germany
    +arte, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid, Spain
    Context NY, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, New York, USA
    Art Marbella, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Marbella, Spain
    Estampa Contemporary Art Fair, Lucía Mendoza Gallery Madrid, Spain
    Context Art Miami, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Miami, USA

    Contemporáneo, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid, Spain
    Context Miami, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Miami, USA
    SUMMA Contemporary Art Fair, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid, Spain
    Der Dritte Mensch, The Grass is Greener Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
    Ce que je suis maintenant, Osthaus Museum Hagen, Germany
    Pensamiento Salvaje, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid, Spain

    Goldene Gedanken, Kopf und Haus und Seitensprünge, Netuschil Gallery, Darmstadt, Germany
    Mythos Stadt, Schmalfuss Gallery, Berlin, Germany
    Ce que he suis maintenant, Artspace Rompone, Colonia, Germany
    Opening Exhibition, Vitraria Glass + A Museum, Venice, Italy

    Seitensprünge, Teapot Gallery, Colonia, Germany
    Porträts, Rigassi Gallery, Bern, Switzerland

    Tránsito, Queen Anne Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
    Hohlräume, Bruchsal Art Association, Bruchsal, Germany

    …Haus im Haus im Haus…, Siegen Art Association, Siegen, Germany
    Epikur Gallery, Wuppertal, Germany
    Le Vasistas, Teapot Gallery, Colonia, Gemrnay

    Single Interieur, Teapot Gallery, Colonia, Germany
    Opening Exhibition, Michael Schmalfuss Gallery, Berlin, Germany

    Requiem, Kloster Bronnbach Gallery, Bronnbach, Germany


    Detailed Description : Oliver Czarnetta studied art history and philosophy and simply could not hold a position as a mere observer. His commitment to art was, is, much higher. Probably is his profound knowledge of art and philosophy what leads him to reconsider some interesting aspects of human relationships. And is probably the excessive discipline in his studies what forces him to leave the development of his praxis to random, trying to act with absolute freedom when dealing with forms, concepts, and materials.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Oliver Czarnetta - Lethe III

      Lethe III

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  • Cristina Gamón  (+)

    Biography : Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of San Carlos, UPV, Valencia, Spain. Lives and works in Madrid. Awarded with the Gold Medal at the BMW National Painting Prize 2011 for the work Infinito II. "An expression of color and a set of forms that articulate an expressionist abstraction of great fluidity and freshness. Light, gestures, make up a non-referential, balanced and harmonious image of an incontestable strength". Her career begins since her studies, standing out very soon at the circuit of national painting awards. The young artist, receives numerous recognitions and awards such as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia or the Senyera to the Arts of the City of Valencia, both in 2009. Among her most recent achievements is the First Prize Reina Sofía Award for Painting and Sculpture 2016. At the same time, she enjoys working with permanent installations, murals and specific internventions Gamon's work, has been present national and internationally in solo and groups exhibitions and in fairs such as Cartografías de la Creatividad around Latin America or Itinérance in Europe. In 2012 the artist receives the scholarship of Residence Casa de Velázquez as Artist Member of the Académie de France à Madrid. Gamon is, to date, the youngest intern in the history of the prestigious French institution dedicated to scientific and artistic research. In recognition of her project Polvo de Estrellas, her scholarship was exceptionally extended in renewal for a second year (2013-14), where she combines her inquisitiveness with in-person installations such as AURA, an Audio-Interactive Project in collaboration with the composer and mathematician Carmine E. Cella. Presented in spring 2014 in the Auditorium of the National Museum of Art Reina Sofia in Madrid. She also has participated in the scientific-artistic Residence know with the name of The Arctic Circle as guest in the programme of a boat expedition to the North Pole.

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS
    Colores fronterizos, Kreisler Gallery, Madrid, Spain
    Colores fronterizos, Insula Gallery, Paris, France
    Unstable Paintings, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid, Spain

    Constelaciones de Color, MAM Antonia Mir Museum, Catarroja, Valencia, Spain

    Figura, Paisaje, Marina. Territorios de lo intangible, Palacio de la Música, Valencia, Spain
    Transparencia emocional, Ateneo de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
    El color del Vacío, The Space of Arts, El Corte Inglés, Madrid and Marbella

    Al atardecer, ONEstudio Gallery, Valencia, Spain

    Tras la bruma, Puzol Culture House, Valencia, Spain
    Cuerpos de Agua, Cuatro Gallery, Valencia, Spain

    Plastic Poetry, ElTossal Gallery, Valencia, Spain

    La locura de Ophelia. Poesía Plástica, The Space of Arts El Corte Inglés, Valencia, Spain

    Detailed Description : The disorder is absolutely under control; The composition as free as studied; The content tremendously calm despite an especially dynamic rhythm; The painting overflows the atmospheric intention to generously offer a scene as deep as personal.

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  • Mercedes Lara  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1967, she lives and works in Madrid. She is graduated in Fine Arts (Complutense University, Madrid). She participated in master classes taught by Gerard Richter in the Antonio Ratti Foundation (Como, Italy)

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS
    H2O, Daimiel Museum, Ciudad Real, Spain
    C, Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid, Spain

    Cartografías. Territorios de pasión, Fernando Serrano Gallery, Trigueros, Huelva, Spain

    15º, Huso Horario, Horno de la ciudadela, Pamplona, Spain
    Diálogos, Mompó, Lara, Artepaso Gallery, Madrid, Spain
    Anillos de Algodón, CEART, Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain
    Campo Visual, Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid, Spain

    Ventanas, Fernando Serrano Gallery, Trigueros, Huelva, Spain

    Holes, Cascais Cultural Center, Lisboa, Portugal

    En movimiento, Doña Mencía, Córdoba, Spain

    En el tiempo, Pimentel Palace, Valladolid, Spain
    Templo Kofukuji Nagasaki, Japan

    La distancia del tiempo, Dazaifu Tenmangu, Fukuoka, Japan
    Tempus Ait, Fisac Space, Daimiel, Ciudad Real, Spain

    Cristal-Era, Obra Social Caja Madrid, Madrid, Spain
    Crystal Motion, Barbarín Gallery, Madrid, Spain
    A través del Cristal, Fernando Serrano Gallery, Trigueros, Huelva, Spain
    Traslaluz, Murcia University, Spain

    Luces y Luces, El Episcopio, Ávila, Spain

    Interferencias, ECAT, Toledo, Spain
    En Movimiento, M. Segovia Gallery, Madrid, Spain

    Detailed Description : Mercedes Lara is a spanish artist who has grown an incredible interest along with an impecable ability to work with different materials that support her work. She has developed her work around light, time and space. Showing an interesting result concerning the relativity of all these factors her work will give us amazing conclusions that will help us discover a tireless researcher whose findings are clearly concluded.

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  • Beatriz and Óscar Lecuona and Hernández  (+)

    Biography : 2004. Certificate of research proficiency. Fine Arts School, La Laguna University, Tenerife, Spain. 2003. Advanced University Course in Cultural Management, Inter-island Council of Canary Islands, Tenerife, Spain. 2002. Inter-departmental Programme Theory of Arts, La Laguna University, Tenerife, Spain. 2001. Pedagogical Adaptation Course, Salamanca University, Spain. 2000. Degree in Fine Arts, La Laguna University, Tenerife, Spain.

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS
    Eremía, IK Projects Gallery, Lima, Peru
    Tiempo y cosas, Bibli, Tenerife, Spain
    Falso Histórico, Adelina Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Coming soon, Casa de los Coroneles, Fuerteventura, Spain

    Testigos, Sala de Arte Contemporáneo, Tenerife, Spain

    Todo Hielo, Espacio Canarias, Madrid, Spain
    IMPASSE, Área 60, TEA, Tenerife, Spain

    Acampar (en) la imagen, La Caixa, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain

    De cómo hacer de una silla un banco, Ateneo de Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
    Método breve para la obtención de pan, Academia Crítica, Tenerife, Spain

    Entretanto: Ejercicios de domismo, Garachico, Tenerife, Spain

    Detailed Description : The artistic project of Lecuona and Hernández is based on the process of the construction of images, on how to contribute physicality and materiality, to a set of abstractions that make up our historical, social and cultural imaginary. For them it is fundamental to understand how to build an image that is updated as it is affected by the cultural keys of the context in which it is registered at that moment. For this reason they are constantly reviewing and revisiting their own work and therefore they are interested in the specific site, because the work in a specific context always challenges and manifests itself as a continuous and living process. Somehow, in their relationship with the images, they continually look for their other side, the backstage and the scaffolding. Another of their most obvious interests is to maintain the validity of the pictorial memory, amplifying and resizing the painting, tearing it from the frame, from the canvas and freeing it from the frame, to insert it in a process of continuous materialization and dematerialization. Their desire is to talk about pictorial tension, how the gaze is constructed. For both, it is essential to participate in the physical construction of the pieces, which always have a performative component and to explore the different means and forms with which to "cook" the art under a firm experimental will. Hence also that they slide without modesty for any type of artistic medium be installation, performance, video, etc. They understand the work of the artist as that of a producer of relationships and experiences in a field always expanded and always porous.

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Other Represented Artists

Esta ecuación hace un ruido parecido al de la lluvia Nº 1, 2011 -

Esta ecuación hace un ruido parecido al de la lluvia Nº 1, 2011

Oil and color pencil on canvas, 200 x 240 cm

Territorios II, 2016 -

Territorios II, 2016

Mixed media on plexiglass and board, 150 x 200 cm

Forme del tempo in cerchio -

Forme del tempo in cerchio

Shellac and pigments on plaster, 2004-2014. 192 cm diameter

Lethe III - Oliver Czarnetta

Oliver Czarnetta Lethe III

Resin and concrete, 2016. 63 cm high