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The Gallery Lee & Bae was founded in Haeundae, Busan, Korea in 2010 as being an innovative showcase for the ongoing presentation and promotion of strong, visceral, and visionary contemporary art worldwide. The gallery is dedicated to exhibiting the work of ambitious contemporary artists at all levels of their careers and development.

The Gallery Lee & Bae represents a select group of emerging and established artists. The gallery has maintained a strong commitment to introducing cutting-edge art to Busan by Lee & Bae Young Artists program as well as representing artists of earlier generations whose work is particularly relevant to current trends and ideas. Fostering a continuum between the past and the present, the gallery’s curatorial program seeks to reveal the relation between art and the conditions that surround it. The Lee & Bae Morris with preciousness to crafts is based on the spirit of Willam Morris, British thinker and show diverse craftworks, including ceramic art, art glass, woodcrafts, metal works etc. The Lee & Bae ArtLab, the research space of Gallery Lee & Bae, presents archives of more than 7,000 home and foreign artists and plays important roles in making outstanding exhibitions.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Jin-Yong Jeong

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  • Hyun-Sik Kim  (+)

    Biography : 1991 BFA, Department of Painting, Hongik Unversity, seoul Lives and works in Uisan & Seoul, Korea

    Exhibition : ■ Selected Solo Exhibitions
    2016 Who likes K colors?, Hakgojae, Shanghai, China
    Who likes colors?, Art Loft, Brussels, Belgium
    2013 Inbetween Spaces, Mauger Modern Art, London
    2012 Line·Zen, Gallery Lee&Bae, Busan, Korea
    2011 Kim Hyunsik solo exhibition, FN Art Space, Seoul
    2010 Illusion, Gallery LVS, Seoul
    2008 Beyond the Visible, Simyo Gallery, Seoul
    Beyond the Visible, Alliance Francaise De Busan, Busan, Korea
    In Between Spaces, Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea
    2007 Between Spaces, Gallery Jung, Seoul
    2006 Slash Spaces, Gallery NC, Busan, Korea
    2005 Nuance, Insa Gallery, Seoul
    2003 Time Hole, Gallery Aum Tae-Ik, Busan, Korea
    2002 JIGO-From the long time ago, Insa Gallery, Seoul
    2000 JIGO-A spotted puppy smiled like a girl, Gallery Sum, Busan, Korea
    1995 JIGO -Shadow, Gallery Boda, Seoul
    1993 JIGO -Traveling, Samjeong Art Space, Seoul

    ■ Selected Group Exhibitions and Projects
    2016 made in the EAST, MDZ Art, Knokke, Belgium
    1st International Exhibition of Contemporary Art of E’mei, E’mei
    Contemporary Art Museum, E’mei, China
    2015 Start, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
    2014 Korea Tomorrow 2014, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, Korea
    Blue & D major, Ilju-sunhwa Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    Insight into Life, Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea
    2013 Silhouette, Gallery LVS, Seoul, Korea
    2012 Special Exhibition of Busan Biennale, Busan
    Cultural Center, Busan, Korea
    2011 G20 Seoul Summit Celebration Exhibition for the Korean
    Fine Art, National Assembly Library; Shuim Museum, Seoul, Korea
    Utopia Regret - Dream in Dream, Art Space Loo, Seoul, Korea
    2010 Two Men Show, Galerie Orem, Paris, Frace
    Coexistence II- Ramble the Future through
    Modern, Gallery IS, Seoul, Korea
    A State of Flux, Ahso Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    Hyper Color, CK Gallery, Ulsan,

    Detailed Description : Kim Hyun Sik has been working with epoxy reigns for 20 years from 1990s. He creates the plane piece with variety of colors within epoxy reigns, which includes beauty of transparent and shines. “Kim Hyunsik materializes variety of colors with reigns. His work seems like abstract painting, but its heavier and thicker than common paintings. He approaches his work with the question ‘Who likes K colors?’ The series are balanced with vertical lines. It evenly constructed with other of his works. But while he is carving down the reigns, his breathe, the speed of action, the strength of carving applies to each lines on the works, therefore it creates personal and detail into own images of the work. Hyun Sik Kim focused on repeating and diversities, instead of equality of the lines. While he working with epoxy, epoxy itself shows special diversities with the gradation, contrast of the depth and harmonization.”

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Hyun-Sik Kim - Percy the Aqua - blue

      Percy the Aqua - blue

    •  Hyun-Sik Kim - Who likes K magenta?

      Who likes K magenta?

    •  Hyun-Sik Kim - Who likes K orange?

      Who likes K orange?

    •  Hyun-Sik Kim - Who likes K red?

      Who likes K red?

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  • Myung-Keun Koh  (+)

    Biography : 1987 Graduated from Dept. of Sculpture, Seoul National University with B.F.A degree 1991 Graduated from Pratt Institute in New York with M.F.A degree 1998-2007 Professor at Dept. of Fine Art, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

    Exhibition : ■ Selected Solo Exhibitions
    2013 Gallery SUN contemporary, Seoul
    2010 LOUIS VUITTON, Taipei
    2008 Kimchongyung Museum, Seoul
    Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco
    2007 LeeAhn Gallery, Daegu
    O.K Harris Gallery, New York
    2006 Tokyo gallery, Tokyo
    2003 Hanmi Photo Museum, Seoul
    1999 Hakkojae Gallery & Art Space in Seoul , Seoul
    1993 Kumho Gallery, Seoul
    1991 Higgins Hall Gallery, New York

    ■ Selected Group Exhibitions and Projects
    2016 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
    2015 “Art Basel Hong Kong 2015” Gallery Skape, Hongkong
    National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
    2014 DDP Museum, Seoul
    2013 National Museum of Contemporary Art ,LIGHT BOX, Venice
    2012 <15th sculpture symposium in Icheon> Icheon Art hall, Icheon city
    2011 Museum of Art & Design, New York
    2010 "Art Dubai 2010" Frey Norris Gallery, Dubai
    2009 798SPACE ,Beijing
    Saatchi gallery, London
    2008 Tokyo
    2007 BTAP, Beijing
    2006 Galerie Lumen, Paris
    2005 "Re-presenting Representation VII" Arnot Art Museum, New York
    “ARCO 2005” Tokyo gallery, Madrid
    2004 “2004 Art Cologne” Tokyo gallery, Cologne
    Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Paris
    1998 The Museum of Contemporary Photography,
    1994 "94 New Artists" The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
    1991 "Centennial Biennial Invitational" O.K

    Detailed Description : Inside Koh Myung Keun’s work is nothing. This is not meant in any pejorative sense but instead is both a literal physical description of his work and a description of how it alludes to both the physical distance between things, be it the physical distance between viewer and subject, or between places or things or the emotional distance between people. But Koh’s work is also about making connections both physically, through touch, and metaphysically, by illustrating the ways in which we may come to knowledge through reason. Koh Myung Keun achieves these things by printing two copies of his images of natural things onto sheets of transparent plastic film and then mounting them on other more robust sheets of plastic which are welded together in either a box or ovoid construction with a gap between the sheets. It is in this empty space that rather beautiful things happen. The subtle distortions of space caused by errors of parallax allow our minds to make connections between those things which are normally at a distance. Emptiness is one of the key Taoist concepts. Thus the “Tao Te Ching” notes that the inner space of a jug is its essential part, not the pottery, and that it is the space within four walls that comprises the usefulness of a room. In a similar way, the creation by Koh Myung Keun of a void within the plastic borders of his work, actually gives it greater substance. Koh Myung Keun’s works oblige us to use our imagination to bridge the distance between things. Unlike physical travel, where the journey is just as important as the destination, when viewing his works we remain in one place while our mind is free to wander. His work is a puzzle to the eye but a delight to the imagination.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Myung-Keun Koh  - Room-6


    •  Myung-Keun Koh  - HongKong15-1


    •  Myung-Keun Koh  - Room-19


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  • Dae-Hun Kwon  (+)

    Biography : 2004 MFA in Sculpture, The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, UK 1999 MA in Fine Art, College of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea 1996 BA in Sculpture, College of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

    Exhibition : ■ Selected Solo Exhibitions
    2017 Chalna-enlightenment, Gallery by the harbour, Hong Kong
    2012 Chalna, Rachmaninoff’s Gallery, London, UK
    Flying Fish, Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea
    Willowwacks, Gallery B-one, Seoul, Korea
    2010 一切有心造(Everything depends on your mind), Gallery B-one, Seoul, Korea
    2009 Waiting, Rachmaninoff’s Gallery, London, UK

    ■ Selected Group Exhibitions and Projects
    2016 Where am I, UNC Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2015 Encounter/ the story begins with, Parkryusook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2014 From the moment to moment, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju, Korea
    2013 White & White, Museo Carlo Bilotti, Rome, Italy
    RA Summer Exhibiiton 2013, Royal Academy of Arts, London UK
    British Impact, Gallery Lee & Bae, Busan, Korea
    2011 Bad Romanticism, Museum Link, Arko Art Centre, Seoul, Korea
    2010 Primavere del bianco (Springs in white), Museum of Art S.N.U, Seoul, Korea
    2009 U. S. B, Hangaram art Museum, Seoul Art Centre, Seoul, Korea
    2008 Your Mind's Eye: Digital Spectrum, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Korea.
    2007 Performance (Fold 07 launching event), Tate Britain, London, UK
    2006 Danginri Art Plant, Ssamzispace, Seoul, Korea
    2005 RBS Bursary Award 2005, RBS Gallery, London, UK

    Detailed Description : Kwon Dae-Hun works with sculpture, installation and performance. His work is imbued with a distinctive sense of time as marking material objects including people in such a way that they become signs of their part in the configuration of moment (the artist refers to the Korean expression ‘Chalna’ which he translates as ‘the very moment when a thing or a phenomenon is developing’). In his painted sculptural objects Kwon Dae-Hun depicts highly specific but fleeting interrelations—between individuals performing often seemingly insignificant actions, physical things/objects realized with an acute feeling for their uniqueness and the registration of light. These objects achieve a phenomenological deep realism that is spiritual in the sense of an observed transfiguration of some secular, mundane subject matters. The method of realism the artist adopts is associated both with the careful observation of physicality as a species of truth to materiality and a willingness to place the physical within an appropriately fragile continuum sensitive to a kind of perceptual impressionism. This as a kind of limit case for the real. Increasingly the artist alludes to narratives: for instance, a sculpture depicts a small baby with a mobile phone under one foot and a rocket in hand. The sculpture has a dramatic monochromatic finish, as if lit by a flash. In another work, a young women checks her phone while her hand is placed on an English post box, here the relation is almost one of paradox: the brilliant red post box is realized almost as if it were a machine for time travel, backwards that would be.

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  • Woo-Lim Lee

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Other Represented Artists

Room-6 -  Myung-Keun Koh

Myung-Keun Koh Room-6

Digital film 3D-collage
Ed. 1/3

Percy the Aqua - blue -  Hyun-Sik Kim

Hyun-Sik Kim Percy the Aqua - blue

Epoxy resin, Acrylic color, Wooden frame

Who likes K red? -  Hyun-Sik Kim

Hyun-Sik Kim Who likes K red?

Epoxy resin, Acrylic color, Wooden frame

 Into a time frame 8  -

Into a time frame 8

Pigment print, LED monitor

Into a time frame - Naoshima  -

Into a time frame - Naoshima

Pigment print, LED monitor

Into a time frame - Bus Stop H  -

Into a time frame - Bus Stop H

Pigment print, LED monitor

Into a time frame - Samcheuk  -

Into a time frame - Samcheuk

Pigment print, LED monitor

Who likes K magenta? -  Hyun-Sik Kim

Hyun-Sik Kim Who likes K magenta?

Epoxy resin, Acrylic color, Wooden frame

Who likes K orange? -  Hyun-Sik Kim

Hyun-Sik Kim Who likes K orange?

Epoxy resin, Acrylic color, Wooden frame

HongKong15-1 -  Myung-Keun Koh

Myung-Keun Koh HongKong15-1

Digital film 3D-collage, 58x40x40cm,
Ed. 1-3

Room-19 -  Myung-Keun Koh

Myung-Keun Koh Room-19

Digital film 3D-collage,

Into a time frame - Shanghai Red Wall V1 -

Into a time frame - Shanghai Red Wall V1

Pigment Print, LED Monitor
Ed. 3/8