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Gaga Gallery, which opened in 2008, the art cultural center of Seoul, Insadong is located at the crossroads of the main
Contemporary Art Exhibition, Invitational Exhibition of Art program-oriented, and tries to communicate with the public through Inform contemporary art in Korea, depending on the era of globalization, the international art fairs of Germany, the United States, London,Singapore, Hong Kong etc has participated.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Jo Andre  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Jo Andre -  abstraction of letters

      abstraction of letters

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  • Jeon,Yonghwan  (+)

    Biography : Graduated from Hong Ik Univ. Majored in Sculpture. Graduated from Education Graduate School of Hong Ik Univ. Graduated from Italy National Carrara Academia (Italy)

    Exhibition :
    16th Solo Exhibition

    Art Fairs
    Art Miami Context
    Art Busan -BEXCO
    Kunstral Art Amsterdam - Amsterdam
    Koeln Messe(Koeln International Art Fair) - Koeln
    KIAF(Korea International Art Fair) -COXE
    Kunstral Art Frankfurt - Frankfurt
    Metal Works Today (Samiru, KIM CHONG YUNG MUSEUM ,Korea)
    Metal Spirit Exhibition
    Korean Sculpture’s Association Exhibition
    Present: Member of Korean Fine Arts Association, Korean Sculpture’s Association and
    Hong-Ik Sculpture Association, An Invited Artist of Grand Art Exhibition of

    Detailed Description : Lee Sun-young (Art Critic) Transforming Cycles series, that is to be displayed makes visible the movements and orders within nature through various abstract compositions. Here, nature is not only macroscopic, but also microscopic, and the fact that it includes the hearts of mankind makes it span from objectiveness to subjectiveness. His works are very beautiful but it does not merely maintain an extravagant appearance, and though it has a deep underlying meaning, it does not sink because of the gravity of the meaning. The theme 'transforming cycles', which also represents the title of the work, precisely systemizes the differences between beauty and meaning, and attempts to connect them chronologically. The contrast of the higher density towards the center and the lesser density but stronger movement in the surrounding areas, as well as the distribution of energy caused by the differences of the warm colors and cool colors, are methods of expressions that are identical even within the produced differences while the artists held many exhibits within and outside of the country. Theses works emerge from a clumsy physical matter to music, dance, mind and spirit, but the changing natural scientific outlook on the world that is presented in its vicinity is worth giving attention to. Within the artistic freedom, the artist inserts the connecting link of necessity and through this, he connects the rules of art to the laws of nature. The flow of lines that follow each other maximizes the meaning of time in sculpture, which is a spatial art, and it acts as a metaphor for space that is created, developed and ultimately destroyed. His works have the same title with different numbers, and it expresses the introduction of certain orders, its continuance, and finally its destruction. The center that has tightly-knitted rings and the strong movement that flows outward are closely tied together in his works, which also expresses that chaos is a part of order. This aspect goes b

    Artist's Objects:

    •  YONGHWAN Jeon - Transforming Cycles-1

      Transforming Cycles-1

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  • Kwan Soo Kim

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  • Seoung Lee  (+)

    Biography : Graduated from Hong-Ik University

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 12 Times
    2017 Invitation Solo Exhibition (GAGA Gallery,Seoul)
    2017 Invitation Solo Exhibition (Insa Art Plaza Gallery). Etc

    Art Fairs
    2017 Brussels sels Affordable Art Fair(GAGA Gallery, Seoul,Korea2017 New York Scope (GAGA &MooK Ji)2017 Context New York 2017 (GAGA Gallery, Seoul,Korea2017 London Hampstead Affordable Art Fair(GAGA Gallery, Seoul,Korea)2017 Hongkong Affordable Art Fair(GAGA Gallery, Seoul,Korea)2017 Singapore Double Art Fair(GAGA Gallery, Seoul,Korea)
    Group ExhibitionExhibited more than 150 group exhibitions including the 50th Korean Art Association Exhibition AwardsAwarded numerous awards including the Danwon Art Grand PrizeJudge served(Korean Art Exhibition, Shinmyung Art Exhibition, Kyunghyang Art Exhibition, Craft Exhibition)CurrentProfessor, Department of Fine Arts, Chonbuk National UniversityProfessor of Hongik University, Hanbat National University, Kongju National University

    Artist's Objects:

    • Seoung Lee - coexist1701


    • Seoung Lee - Line1705


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  • Park,Sungsik  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Sungsik Park - Evaporation 2

      Evaporation 2

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Other Represented Artists

Line1705 - Seoung Lee

Seoung Lee Line1705

116x91cm, mixed media,2017

 abstraction of letters - Jo Andre

Jo Andre abstraction of letters

2017, Korean ink & paper, 90x 40cm

2017, Korean ink & paper, 90x 40cm

coexist1701 - Seoung Lee

Seoung Lee coexist1701

91x72cm,mixed media,2017

3-sided split image, painting, on thread

Evaporation 2 -  Sungsik Park

Sungsik Park Evaporation 2

2016 , 35.8 inch x 28.6 inch

Transforming Cycles-1 -  YONGHWAN Jeon

YONGHWAN Jeon Transforming Cycles-1

55.12 inch x55.12inch x 11.8 inch Aluminum, 2016